Lola - Carlos - Manolo

 Lola  is the hostess par excellence. Her empathy and attention to detail ensure that our guests feel at home.

Carlos his analytical mind and strategic vision are fundamental pillars of our success.

Manolobrings creativity and passion for design to our team. He transforms our properties into cozy and beautiful retreats.

casa rural zaragoza nosotros


At the heart of our company, an exceptional trio comes together to create a symphony of success in the world of cottage rentals. We are a unique and beautiful trinity, uniting our strengths and visions to bring to life unforgettable experiences in the idyllic setting of rural life.

Lola, Carlos and Manolo, three restless minds, three passionate hearts, all dedicated to the task of providing our guests with a refuge that goes beyond words. Our tireless commitment and unwavering dedication to every detail intertwine to create an environment that captivates the senses and uplifts the spirit.

At the crossroads of our skills, we fuse strength and vision, technical prowess and creative intuition, vigor and empathy. Together, we forge a company that not only offers cottage rentals, but creates dreams come true. Every corner of our rural properties reflects the passion we put into our work and the promise of enriching getaways.

Our company is a testament to diversity and unity, where each of us brings a unique and valuable perspective. As owners and leaders, we work tirelessly to deliver cottage experiences that transcend expectations, where the beauty of nature is combined with the comfort of home.

In this shared adventure, we create a place where rural charm meets modern luxury, where hard work and passion intertwine to shape a company that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of those who walk through our doors.

In our company, constant renewal is the engine that drives our excellence, we never stop in our quest for continuous improvement. Every day, we strive to raise the standard of rural lodges, innovating in every aspect of our services. Renewal is our compass, ensuring that our rural lodges are always an oasis of freshness and quality for our guests.

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