About Us

Carlos y Manolo:

Since we remade this website, we requested information from all of you, friends, family, people you who have stayed with us.

And a big part of you gave us the "wise" advice, we had to put our picture, which would help you to understand our character and what we can offer when you arrive at cottage house Lola.

Easy right ????? Not at all, we had to think about individual photos, family photos, search for the location, on the mountain at Cottage house Lola, at house of Manolo and house of Lola, at Carlos´house... How difficult
Coincidentally in our attempt to keep knowing each other, improve our accommodation, we went to Tudela for a conference on "The good Life"

And there we saw, that was the time, place and they can see our mutual contribution.

And we did this picture and now after this rather lengthy explanation, that you ´re thinking, and when Carlos starts talking.... hehehe. For two reasons, on the one hand because I think you deserve this explanation and on the other hand as we are on Google and positioning requires me 300 characters, I have only been 181.

Well here we go.....

Manolo, best, that little ant, always taking care of the each details after us "crazy" covering us, from here to there and there he is always. By the way, if you can ask him to sing a Jota they call the "Nightingale". See if well liked in Almonacid, who in 2015 was town crier of our festivities. His tel 652947192

Lola, what to say for her, that is the person I love most in this world, brave, powerful, feisty, always growing and doing her best for all of us and for you. This means that she will take care of you like a mother. Her tel 652948085

The writer, Carlos... and as I have 301 characters Google asking me, the best you know me in person.

A strong hug and see you, here... your house... COTTAGE HOUSE LOLA

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