Mesón de los 20 platos

Where to eat?

We ask that question to anyone, saying that you go to Almonacid de la Sierra and the answer is obvious.

 ” At the famous Mesón de los 20 platos “


1.- Soup of cocido.
2.- Cheakpeas.
3.- White beans.
4.- Menestra.
5.- Paella.
6.- Filled Eggs.
7.- Sliced tomatoes.
8.- Fried green peppers.
9.- Blood sausage.
10.- Fried sausage.
11.- Fried chicken.
12.- Sausage with tomato.
13.- Loin with tomato.
14.- Stewed deer. 15.- Mushrooms.
16.- Rabbit.
17.- Cheek.
18.- Oxtail.
19.- Snails.
20.- Prawns.
21.- Asparagus.
22.- Whole Jamón.
23.- Whole Cured Cheese
24.- Peach with wine.
25.- Contessa ice cream and Aragon cava.

We are Restaurant El Mesón de los 20 Platos, specialists in all types of home cooking. We have more than 35 years at the service of customers. We are located in Almonacid de la Sierra, in the center of town

Our restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere with capacity for 220 people, ideal to celebrate all kinds of events: baptisms, communions, among others

What do we offer?

In our restaurant, we offer beef, deer and lamb of the highest quality and as part of our tasting menu.


Our homemade restaurant is open every day of the year, except August. Visit us and taste our culinary delights. We wait for you

In Restaurant El Mesón de los 20 Platos we close in August for holidays, the rest of the year we open every day

  • Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 15:30
  • Weekends from 13:30 to 16:00

For Dinners:

  • Saturdays and Sundays a la carte from 21:00

We wait for you in our restaurant of homemade food, we will be happy to assist you

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